November 28, 2018

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Maintain Rumen Function and Nutrient Intake for Fetal Calf Development

April 17, 2019

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What is RumaCell?

November 28, 2018

RumaCell is an all-natural lactobacillus fermentation product containing prebiotic components and bioactive metabolytes produced during the fermentation process.


How does RumaCell work?

The unique profile of bioactive compounds in RumaCell supports microbial populations in the digestive system of the rumen and intestine and helping the digestive system become more efficient in nutrient digestion and adsorption.


What is meant by rumen optimization?

When the rumen microflora population is optimum, cattle are more efficient in their digestion and adsorption of essential nutrients for gain and performance. RumaCell can help maintain desired feed intakes by optimizing rumen function on high grain diets. Research has shown that higher propionate and lower lactate VFA levels improves energy utilization and reduces incidence of bloat and acidosis.



How does RumaCell help develop a “healthy rumen”?

The organic components of RumaCell help optimize the rumen by supporting high populations of rumen microflora and most importantly the fiber digestors. This benefit creates maximum rouphage digestibility and dry matter intake which help maintain a more ideal rumen pH.


Is RumaCell a probiotic?

No, the lactobacillus cells in RumaCell are not viable.The value of RumaCell is created during lactobacillus fermentation of organic compounds and bioactive metabolites which benefit the rumen and intestinal microbial population. This stimulation creates optimum rumen and intestinal function.


Is RumaCell a prebiotic?

RumaCell has prebiotic activity in that it can induce the growth and activity of beneficial microorganisms. However, it is not a non-digestible fiber that passes undigested through the upper part of the intestine as in the traditional prebiotic definition…the newer term for RumaCell type products is eubiotic, a product that induces a healthy balance of the micro-flora in the gastrointestinal tract.


For more information, visit our FAQ page




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