Narrow the Gap of Immune Development

The young calf’s passive immunity from colostrum is over by day 5 and the active immune system is not yet completely functional until 21‐28 days of age. This immune gap is responsible for  many of the health issues we see

in calves like scours, poor digestion  and slow growth.

Without the protection of a functional immune system, the calf has

no protection from pathogen and disease challenges. These issues can be minimized by feeding RumaCell continuously after birth to aid in the optimal development of the intestinal and immune  structures needed for strong active  immunity.

RumaCell Provides Added Protection  

Calf health and performance can be maintained when RumaCell is fed continuously at the rate  of 5 CC daily from birth through weaning.

  • Supplements the developing immune issue, aids in maintaining calf health by stimulating the microbial populations of the intestine (good bugs)
  • Help reduce intestinal pathogen populations in the GIT
  • Improve effectiveness of passive immunity of the colostrum

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