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When your profitability and animal performance are on the line, your animals need more than just good nutrition.
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Better Performance
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Success in your dairy operation begins with a foundation of good nutrition and digestive health, no matter what life stage your animals are in. 

Pacer Technology products combined with our Complete Calf Care Program helps optimize rumen function for healthier cattle and can assist with reducing stress and illness while improving production efficiency and profitability.

Complete Calf Care from Pacer = Performance, Prevention, and Treatment

  • More effective, easy-to-use, and competitively priced compared to typical all-natural products
  • Designed to keep animals healthy to perform to their genetic potential
  • Helps improve rumen function and health
  • Helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of digestive bacteria in both the rumen and intestine
  • Helps stimulate the immune system
  • Helps reduce acidosis, founder, and bloat

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These Aren't Just Quality Products - We Offer A Program That Provides Better Performance And Health Solutions

Our products come in liquid, dry paste, and pellet form. Pacer Technology products are not drugs and do not require withdrawal periods or refrigeration. Our products can be used with antibiotics or other medicated feed.

Excell™ 6-way Blend

A Blend of dried egg proteins and milk proteins which aid with digestive problems associated with protozoa, viral and bacterial activity.

Excell™ LQ Gallon

A dietary supplement comprised of non-viable lactobacillus cells, bioactive metabolites and fermentation by-products.

Excell™ Paste

A dietary supplement comprised of non-viable lactobacillus cells, bioactive metabolites and fermentation by-products.

Excell™ PRO RCC Paste

For calves and lambs 0-14 days of age with specific intestinal challenges, associated with protozoa and viral activity lasting 2-6 days.

The experienced Pacer Technology support team can provide professional nutritional and health advice and product support in every phase of your operation. Get in touch with us today for a custom plan using our Complete Calf Care Program. - Click here for information

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