Livestock Prebiotic Supplement

RumaCell is a lactobacillus fermentation product which supports microbial populations in the digestive system
of the rumen and intestine.When the rumen microflora population is optimum, cattle are more efficient in
rumen fermentation, digestion and adsorption of nutrients for maximum gain and performance.

Benefits of a Healthy Rumen

  • Optimum pH…less acidosis and bloat
  • Higher rumen micro-flora population
  • Improved fiber digestion
  • More fermentation activity
  • Increased feed intake
  • Increased microbial protein synthesis
  • Increased energy from volatile fatty acids

The RumaCell® All-Natural product line includes:

RumaCell® LQ… A concentrated free-flowing liquid product for use in liquid feeds, molasses and
application in meal and pelleted feeds.

Recommended dosage: 5 – 10 grams of RumaCell® LQ per head per day

RumaCell® DF… A highly concentrated, dry flowable product for addition to mineral mixes,
concentrates or complete meal or pelleted feeds.

Recommended dosage: 3 – 6 grams of RumaCell® DF per head per day

Try RumaCell this fall

When RumaCell is added to receiving and backgrounding rations, cattle will develop a strong appetite, efficient rumen function and optimum digestion for maximum nutrient intake. These factors help support cattle performance and health for the entire feeding period.


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