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The demand for higher quality forages demands new management practices, products, and methods to ensure profitability. Improve palatability, digestibility, and overall feed value with Pacer Technology products.
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Dyna-Cure is a hay conditioner designed to improve the quality and manageability of hay forages. It works to give the natural curing process in hay an advantage. Dyna-Cure is simple and economical to apply with application equipment developed specifically for Dyna-Cure. This method of application allows for more efficient use of expensive harvesting equipment by giving the producer a management tool that adds to his flexibility.
  • Improves dry matter recovery and increases your return per acre.
  • Helps preserve the leaves and the small stems that contain 70% of the TDN in the plant.
  • Reduces respiration losses when applied at the swather.
  • Accelerates the curing process.
  • Stops the growth of molds and aerobic bacteria that promote spoilage, reduce hay palatability, and decreases nutrient value.
  • Dyna-Cure is stable, non-corrosive and safe to use and is simple to apply at the swather.


Dyna-Sile is an advanced silage additive for the quality production of alfalfa, grass, corn and high moisture grain silages. Dyna-Sile includes enzyme agents that are used to improve the fermentation and preservation of corn, high moisture corn and cereal grain silages. Dyna-Sile can accelerate the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass.
Dyna-Sile accelerates the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass which promotes:
  • Higher Fermentation Acid Content
  • Conserved Feed Energy
  • Preserved Nutrient Value
  • Reduced Heating
  • Increased Feed Value
  • Improved Palatability
  • Longer bunk life
Dyna-Sile introduces silage specific enzymes, metabolites and antioxidants that both enhance the primary fermentation process and controls the negative secondary fermentation process to create exceptional silage qualities.
This dual function gives Dyna-Sile a wider window of effectiveness than any other silage additive.
The experienced Pacer Technology support team can provide professional nutritional and product support in every phase of your operation.

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