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The economics of haying operations have been changing over the past decade. The cost of production, equipment and supplies, land, water, seed and fertilizer along with the demand for much higher quality forages have dictated new management practices, products and methods, to ensure profitability.

Dyna-Cure is a hay conditioner is designed to improve the quality and manageability of hay forages. It works to give the natural curing process in hay an advantage. Dyna-Cure is simple and economical to apply with application equipment developed by Pacer Technology specifically for Dyna-Cure. This method of application allows for more efficient use of expensive harvesting equipment by giving the producer a management tool that adds to his flexibility. 

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Dyna-Sile is an advanced silage additive for the quality production of alfalfa, grass, corn and high moisture grain silages. Dyna-Sile includes enzyme agents that are used to improve the fermentation and preservation of corn, high moisture corn and cereal grain silages. Dyna-Sile accelerates the production of lactic acid producing bacteria present in the silage mass.

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